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PAL Possession Acquisition Licence  Q. How long does the Possession Acquisition Licence last? A. 5 years Q. I signed up for the CFSC. What do I need to bring to the class? A. Government issued photo ID, Reading glasses if you use them, Bag lunch for day classes. Q. Is the manual included with the course fee? A. No. THe manual is 20 dollars, but a pdf version can be downloaded from our download page. Q. What can I do to prepare for the safety course? A. Download the manual on the download page. Read the manual. Memorize what the acronyms ACTS & PROVE mean. Q. Can I challenge the written and practical test with Black Dog? A. No. Effective 18 June 2015 Bill C-42 changes to the firearms act and criminal code eliminated the ability to challenge the firearms safety course. Everyone applying for a firearms licence must take the firearms courses in their entirety. Q. After I take the course how long will it take to get my PAL after I have sent in my application? A. Complete and accurate PAL applications are normally processed within 45 days, including a legislated minimum waiting period of 28 days before a licence can be issued. Q. Why do some instructors seem to have shorter classes than others? A. The CFO (Chief Firearms Officer) for BC requires courses to be a minimum of 8 hours instruction, only the Restricted course can be shorter under certain circumstances. Q. Do I really need to get a licence? I only have a shotgun and a rifle, and the long gun registry is dead. A. Yes, Bill C-19 eliminated the long registry, but you still need a firearms licence in order to possess and/or acquire firearms or to purchase ammunition. Q. I took the course a long time ago. Can I still submit my application? A. Yes, The Canadian Firearms Centre is currently accepting course reports back to 1994. Call them at 1 800 731 4000 for help completing your application. Q. How do I choose an instructor? A. The RCMP has already screened their instructors. All the instructors are qualified, however we have heard of some who simply read overheads or worse yet just read out of the manual. We make sure our training is as interactive as it can be, using modern a Powerpoint presentation with lots of videos to make the presentations interesting and provide lots of firearm and ammunition handling. Q. What happens if I fail a test? A. The CFO office requires you wait a minimum of 1 week before redoing the tests. We will set up a time for you and allow you to take the tests over. The cost to retest is $50.00. Q. Can a minor take the CFSC? A. Yes, minors can take the CFSC and apply for their PAL when they turn 18. There are minor licences that are also available for target practice, organized shooting competitions,hunting, and for being instructed in the use of firearms. Applicants must be at least 12 years old unless they need to hunt or trap to sustain their family. Q. Can a minor take the CRFSC? A. A minor with parental permission can take the CRFSC for personal interest or development but will not get credit for taking the course. Q. I have a disability and can’t do all the shooting positions. Can I still take the course? A. Yes. Most disabilities are not at problem. We can tailor the training and testing to the things you can do. Q. What is a PAL & POL? A. PAL is a Possession and Acquisition Licence it allows the licence holder to possess and acquire firearms and ammunition. POL is a Possession Only Licence it allows the licence holder to possess, but not acquire, firearms, and to both possess and acquire ammunition. Effective September 2015 POLs turned into PALs as Bill C-42 came into force. Contact the Canadian Firearms Centre for having you POL replaced with a PAL. Q. Can my 16 year old daughter get a PAL? A. Children under 18 can apply for a Minor’s Licence: the only licence available to individuals under 18 years of age. It allows the licence holder to use non-restricted firearms for target practice, organized shooting competitions, hunting, and for being instructed in the use of firearms. Q. I have a PAL that is non restricted only. How do I upgrade my licence so I can buy a handgun? A. You need to take the full restricted course or sit in on a non restricted class so you qualify to take the short restricted course on our regular schedule. Fill out a new application on form RCMP 5592 that can be downloaded and printed. You also need to supply a new photo and fee. Q. Do I need a firearms license for a crossbow? A. No, you don`t need a licence to possess any type of bow, that is longer than 500 mm and that requires the use of both hands to aim and fire. Crossbows that can be aimed and fired with one hand and crossbows with an overall length of 500 mm or less are prohibited. Q. My husband has always wanted to get his gun licence. Can I buy him a course for Father’s Day? A. Why yes you can. Click here to visit our Gift Certificate page. Q. Are course fees refundable if I change my mind? A. Course fees are non refundable. Visit our Cancellation Policy page for more information. CORE Hunting Questions Q. Do I need a PAL in order to go hunting? A. Yes in most cases and no if you are being supervised. To hunt you need a BC hunting licence. If you are hunting or just carrying a rifle or shotgun in the bush, you require a Federal Firearms Licence. Q. What Does CORE stand for? A. Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education. Q. I have a PAL. What is required to get a hunting licence. A. You need to get BC Hunter number. You can get this at a Service BC office with proof you have passed the CORE program or equivalent from another province. Wilderness Handgun Course Q. Where do I get a copy of the waiver? A. When you have registered and paid for your course it is emailed with the course information. Q. I have heard I can carry my handgun in the bush for wildlife protection. Is that true? A. Yes, if you meet the requirements. You must be a licenced professional trapper or an individual who needs protection from wild animals while working in your lawful occupation,most often in a remote wilderness location. The Wilderness handgun course is designed to prepare applicants with the training and information required to apply for their ATC (Authorization To Carry). Q. What handguns do I require for the Wilderness Handgun Course? A. You don’t require a handgun to take the course, we supply the handguns but you are welcome to bring your own appropriate handgun to the range day. Didn’t get your question answered. Email us:

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