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Why Restricted

Why take the restricted firearms course ?

I only want to hunt. Why should I take the combined course and do the restricted gun class? It’s the same as getting an air endorsement on your drivers licence even though you don’t have an air brake vehicle. If you ever want to buy an RV with air brakes down the road, the salesman will tell you that you need to take an air brake course and have your drivers licence changed before you can drive it home. In the same way, if you decide one day you want to buy a restricted rifle because you think the AR15 style rifles are cool or you have a desire to buy a handgun, if you have the “Restricted” endorsement on the back of your Possession Acquisition Licence you can do that. If your grandfather wants to give you his old service revolver or a war relic handgun you will need to have “Restricted” on the back of your licence. Yes, you can add the restricted endorsement later if you need it. It just means taking a full Restricted course that is double the cost of the short Restricted course and twice as long. In addition you will need to reapply for a new PAL and pay the fee all over again. Many people believe that you have to get a permit every time you want to take your handgun to the range. This is not the case. When you buy a restricted firearm the authorization to transport your firearm to the range is added to your licence. We took a poll at the last gun show of people who only had a Non-Restricted PAL because it wasn’t offered at the time they took the course or they didn’t think they would need it. Every person polled with only one exception regretted not getting it up front. More and more people are getting involved in shooting sports that include restricted firearms. If you can afford the extra cost and time to get your restricted licence we recommend you do it as a combined course and get the complete training.
If you are registered for a Non-Restricted course and have not yet taken the course you can purchase the restricted course here for the $75.00 add-on.
If you took the non restricted course more than 15 days in the past you will need to take a full Restricted course for $150.00. Click to go to the Dates/Register page