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Mike is a very knowledgeable instructor who also works hard to keep the course interesting. I have been involved in training of a different kind for 25 years. I enjoyed the course and the instruction. Very well done  Craig  Alberta I’ve had the pleasure of doing my PAL (Unrestricted and Restricted) as well as the CORE course with Mike and I can honestly say I am very happy I didnt go anywhere else to get my certifications. Mike is a VERY experienced instructor and it shows in his presentations and discussions. His classes are professional and yet there’s never a dull moment. It becomes obvious early in the classes that he is serious about safety and well being of the student and the general public and genuinely cares about the success of his students to be safe and enthusiastic firearms owners. Outside of the class Mike has taken the time to help me with other problems such as sending me the history of a certain caliber I was concerned about and took the extra time to help me with safety issues regarding .223 and 5.56 ammunition in recently purchased firearms. I doubt any other instructor in the valley would take the extra time to make sure I understood the safety issues surrounding my concerns. Simply put I will never recommend anyone but Michael and Black Dog Firearms Training.   Chris Vernon BC A very informative class with a good learning environment. Instructor was both knowledgeable and personable. Questions were answered with good detail and good examples. Will recommend to others         Brent    Kelowna Great day spent, easy to listen to, excellent way of beating the message in. Instructor Mike was awesome, very knowledgeable and knew how to present very well. Looking forward to tomorrow nights class.   Chris  Kelowna I would and will highly recommend this course through Black Dog Firearms Training. I took the restricted as well as the non at the same time. Why would you not? Mike's teaching style is very helpful with many stories and examples to explain all scenarios. I would also say I have a greater appreciation for revolvers that I never thought possible. I will be sending all friends and family to Mike!      Regards Colin Mike was a great instructor - we learned a lot & had fun doing it - we will be sure to tell others & recommend Black Dog to everyone we can!   Thank you for the great course we loved it!!   Michael was awesome!        Jordanna / Jeremy         Vernon I enjoyed all aspects of this course. It was informative and the instructor was engaging and funny. I learned so much.   Allison  Lumby Just wanted to thank you for a most informative and enlightening weekend courses. Your teaching style was well balanced and made it easy for me to absorb the information, even though I had no previous firearms experience. I was surprised how relaxed and comfortable I felt handling firearms and taking my first exam for 40 years! Great courses. Just wanted to say how informative and enjoyable the courses were. You made them practical and fun. The structure was a perfect mix of the information and practical components. Under your guidance I feel a lot more comfortable with the safe handling of a range of firearms and look forward to using those skills on the range. With regards to the CORE course, it has highlighted areas which I should further study and practice on such as map reading and also gain a deeper understanding of the nature I will be among rather than blindly crashing through woods looking for deer!    Carl  Great instruction! Also enjoyed the practical yet applicable anecdotal perspectives/examples. Although I have been around long guns for decades I learned a tremendous amount - Safety, Reg’s etc             Dan   Armstrong Thanks Mike!  comprehensive instruction w/good stories to reinforce. Lots of hands on. Mix of computer PPT/videos/talking helped the day go quicky.         Bob    Kelowna Really enjoyed the class. Informational and fun. A lot of hands on and you got to experience handling of different firearms. highly recommended.          Joseph    Kelowna Wealth of knowledge, low stress, very friendly - personable. Lots of hands on. I would recommend this course for beginners and mature students.       Crystal    Vernon Yes, Good and new info even for someone familiar with guns and use. Well presented to hold interest & give change of pace / position. Easy to learn the essential points.        Dwight     Lake Country Excellent  course Mike. Thank you for all the informative and valuable insights.         Edeen     Vernon Mike I had not handled firearms for many years and your firearms safety course taught me how much I didn't know and how important the safe handling of firearms is. You really can teach an old dog new tricks! It was a humbling and illuminating experience. Believe me, I will never forget the principles of safety that you so ably taught.         Ted Very informative instructor, knew all material well and was able to answer any and all questions. Definitely recommend to others.  Spencer   Armstrong Excellent course. Very interactive, engaging not dry and material only. Great stories that keep informative flow at a pace you can learn but stay engaged.      Steven    Kelowna After taking Black Dog's combined PAL/RPAL course I now feel 100% confident that I can handle a firearm properly and safely.  Also the course was fun and we all shared some laughs along the way - Jesse I enjoyed the course & looking forward to the restricted portion. Very informative - everyone should know this info. Good stories etc :)     Bernice    Kelowna Great Class. It was very informative and not dreadfully boring. I will be sure to recommend Black Dog to my friends and family interested in obtaining their firearms licence.    Mike   Kelowna Was very informative but not boring, kept it interesting. The hands on practice helped drastically and the whole day was very well presented.        Brandon   Kelowna Course was done efficiently and all questions were answered. Mike seemed very knowledgeable.   Rob     Armstrong I enjoyed the course; handling the firearms helped me by refreshing my memory & giving me confidence in what I needed to do to stay safe.     Denise        Armstrong Having no previous firearm experience, this course did an exceptional job at providing familiarity and instilling confidence in regards to firearm safety,usage, and care. Highly recommended,  Eric    Lake Country Class was well laid out, good teaching progressions. Class was informative and Mike made it all seem easy, I enjoyed the course. Was thinking it was going to be hard to sit through but the instructor actually made things interesting.    Chris   Vernon Great, really enjoyed it. Lots of good info & good refresher on handling firearms after 4+ years from doing PAL. Look forward to owning a handgun & operating it safely.  (restricted upgrade)   Brent       Vernon Great course, I  will recommend course to others. Left course feeling comfortable using various types of handguns. (restricted upgrade)   Mike  I really wanted to email you personally to thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I have become so confident with handling guns, and think I may have found a passion of mine! I loved how you provided examples and stories to go along with everything that you were teaching. This really helped me learn, understand and relate to the topic on hand. Going into the course although I have only handled a firearm a handful of times, I was really surprised to receive 100% on the practical, But I believe that it is all thanks to you and the comfortable learning environment you created. Hands on activities was also something that helped me extraordinarily become more confident with handling firearms. Hope I see you around!    Thanks again!  A R Super informative for me (a gun beginner) good confidence builder. I;m glad we got to actually handle different types of actions / firearms.  Thank you!          Susie        Vernon Great course, run very well. Instructor was very knowledgeable and explained everything very well and reiterated on the most important respects.     Kelly     Vernon   Michael was awesome. Very informative on the course subject, also about things new firearm owners wouldn’t know right away. Many useful hot tips. Also thought he was a movie director...          Steve    Vernon Took the week day evening course which was informative, enjoyable,and engaging. Great opportunity if you are busy on the weekend!   Jeff     Vernon Course was great.      Thank you  Covered mostly all questions on test & helped me, as a beginner really understand how to feel confident in safely handling rifles!      Chantelle       Vernon BC I found the pace and material of the course good. The experience of the instructor gave confidence to what was taught. Handling of the real guns was amazing for increased confidence.  ... Brian    Kelowna Thanks for the great course Mike. You made everything clean fun and easy to understand. I will recommend your course to everyone wanting a firearms licence.   ... Christopher     Kelowna Very informative instruction was easy to understand and thorough. Lots of hands on experience, demo’s and examples. Instructor had extreme knowledge on the subject. Great for those who are just starting, great atmosphere for learning but also still holds the attention of the more experienced as the teaching and is well diverse d and in depth. Recommend to all even minors.  ... Nicole  17 Efficient and well run, good use of time management, enjoyable. Kelowna I really enjoyed the teaching stories & hands-on experience! I’ve learned so much! Michael was a great teacher - it’s given me confidence that I know how to safely use a firearm. Excellent Instructor. good practical information. great class size (not too big) good hands on time Good mix of videos & lots of hands on training on the rifles and handguns Gave the extra help where needed. Highly recommended. Larry   Vernon This is a great course that everyone, regardless of age, gender, previous experience, or that has any interest in any type of firearm should be compelled to take. This will save lives    Don        Salmon Arm Thank you for making this learning experience a relaxing yet professionally presented set of materials. I have learned a lot in a short period of time and feel that safety was paramount at all time.           ... Cora Good course. Good mix of practical and non practical info. Didn’t get boring at any point. Awesome course, instructor was amazing. Good Teaching! Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend to others.  ... Clint - Good basic + above info - learned a lot - feel much safer with handling    ...thx. It was super informative with a great instructor who made it easy to learn the difficult sections of the course. Thought course was great, informative, clear, covered a lot in allotted time. I found it very informative and feel much more comfortable handling firearms and also feel that the laws were gone over very well.    Nolan   Vernon I found the course very informative and very refreshing for me. It had been a long time since I had handled a firearm. I found Mike made his course interesting by some of his related stories. Plus the exchange of students.      ...Mike Mike did an awesome job. I already told all of my friends to sign up and get certified.  ...Lucas Thank-you, you are patient and considerate. Very informative. Took the time to explain - to a newbie. Felt very comfortable with the practical usage. Course was well priced. Most definitely would recommend this course. Mike you made the course educational informative and FUN, even if I called my firearms a weapon I had a very good time, I felt comfortable and safe. The Instructor had years of knowledge and insight for the entire class. Michael was a very knowledgeable instructor and covered every topic thoroughly and was good with teaching practical exercises. My only complaint was that he forgot to give me a comment card in my folder.     Drew

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